Prognostic Markers of
Breast Cancer
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Breast cancer is notorious for its high mortality and heterogeneity, resulting in different therapeutic responses. Classical biomarkers have been identified and successfully commercially applied to predict outcome of breast cancer patients. Accumulating biomarkers including non-coding RNAs have been reported as prognostic markers for breast cancer with the development of sequencing techniques. However, there are currently no databases dedicated for curation and characterization of prognostic markers for breast cancer. Therefore, we constructed the curated database for prognostic markers of breast cancer (PMBC). We update the database every 6 months and the last time is December 2023.
Statistics Dec. 20, 2022 Number of mRNAs:869
Number of miRNAs:97
Number of lncRNAs:70
Number of circRNAs:32
Number of pseudogenes:2
Number of entries:1357